Earn Serious Cash as a Fantasy Sports Consultant

Only 2 out of a maximum of 5 consulting positions remain

Who should apply?

Proven winners.

You’ve earned at least $25,000 in fantasy sports cash prizes. And you can prove it with some form of proof of payment.

Analyst junkies.

Stats, trends, player news, player projections, etc. You can analyze every dimension of someone else’s roster and make insightful, winning recommendations.

Why should you apply?

Make some damn money.

You’re probably raking it in from competing in cash prize leagues as it is. So why not get paid extra for all that hard work (research, painstaking analysis) you’re already doing? The market for fantasy sports is huge (like $15B huge) and growing rapidly. Cash prize leagues such as FanDuel and Draft Kings are driving huge demand for your expertise.

Earn recognition as one of the world’s top fantasy sports experts.

This isn’t some ragtag collection of roster managers who just happened to win their office league last year. You’re in company with the best of the best.

Do what you love.

Oh, what’s that? You hate sports and would prefer to rot in your cubicle day after day?